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Hi all, hate making a first post with a fault but hey ho...

Anyway, I've owned a 2011 Diavel since (nearly) new and it's been largely faultless until now. I was starting out on a ride earlier when the bike cut out as I slowed in traffic and I pulled in the clutch. It's done this before when it's cold so I didn't think much of it, I thumbed the starter but nothing at all happened. Thankfully I was only about 400m from home so could push it the distance back.

The bike lights up as normal when you flick the red switch, I can hear the usual whirring of fuel pumps and whatnot but thumbing the starter does absolutely nothing. No clicks, no buzzes, just silence. All I've really done so far is to take apart the starter button housing and give it a clean. There wasn't anything unusual as the contacts are all gold plated and corrosion free but it's still not cooperating.

I've tried starting the bike from the PIN but have the same symptoms, lights up as normal, fuel pump noises, just doesn't turn over. Changed the battery in the keyfob for a new one fresh out the package, no change. I've tried all sorts of combinations of gear lever position, clutch in and out, kickstand up and down, but no change. Checked all the fuses under the seat and the one in the belly pan, all fine.

The battery is the original but it started the bike fine not 5 minutes before the stall and has been on a trickle charger whenever the bike has been parked up. It read 12.3v on the bike voltmeter when I got it back home. I did once see it fall completely flat, even then it still attempted to crank half a turn before giving up.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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