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2010 "S" question

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I'm looking at a used bike for sale that is advertised as a 2010 S model. There are pics, but no close up shots of the suspension, which appear to have the proper color for Ohlins. There doesn't appear to be any carbon fiber bits and no panniers are included.

My understanding is that S models can be had in Touring trim with centerstand, panniers, and heated grips; or in Sport trim with carbon fiber farkle.

Am I mistaken in this? Was a 2010 S model available with no side panniers and no carbon fiber?
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not sure how things were in the US in 2010.
In Europe there was the touring with panniers and heated grips, without carbon farkles, and there was the S with carbon farkles, no panniers nor heated grips nor centre stand.
I bought an S and panniers, centre stand and heated grips as accessories.
Trust this helps ...
I have a 2010 S model that was a Ducati reps/demo bike that was sold new through our local dealer. It had about 2,200 miles when I bought it and is identified as an S Sport model on the paperwork. The only carbon on it was the belt covers. I added the grips, centerstand and bags when I bought it. Priced as a demo model, I still came out ahead of the curve for a new S Touring. I do love this bike!
Multistrada S model has carbon bits, but no heated grips, saddle bags, or centerstand.

Multistrada S Touring has heated grip, saddle bags and a center stand, but no carbon bits.
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I got a very confidence-inspiring e-mail response from the seller. My bullshit radar has faded. His response indicates his bike is in Sport trim.

While obsessing over my next purchase I have spent countless hours pouring over pages and pages of threads under this sub-forum. At some point I found a great list of 4 or 5 things to ask/look for when shopping for a used MTS1200. I can't for the life of me find it now. One of the points was the rear brake recall, one was the swelling tank, one was a steering lock issue...I'm pissed that I can't find it now.

I know the "what should I look for in a used bike" question is a dead horse, but what should I look for in a used 2010 S Sport? :eek:
You can ask for the VIN# and ask a friendly dealer to run a check on it for you. It will tell if the recalls are done. 2010 bikes are out of warranty so it's best to check the bike thoroughly.
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