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I know ABS makes sense.

I know ABS makes a special kind of sense on an "entry level" bike.

I know I don't like it anyway. For me, part of the beauty of the Monsters is their relative mechanical simplicity. Motor, wheels, seat. Mysterious valves and pumps intervening between the brake lever and the calipers just don't fit in for me.

Glad to see it will be an option.

I know - I'm a luddite! But the best bike for me is still the simplest one.


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The first link (to the Google doc) says that the weight is the same for both. Obviously that data is for the emissions classifications, and may only reflect how the bike is treated in California.

Or, they could be using other lighter-weight parts to offset the new hardware.

Guess we'll have to wait and see.

But, it does make sense to put ABS on the bottom tier bike. You want to coddle the newest members to the brand so they can live longer to buy more of your products.
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