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2010 1198s blinkers flickering nonstop on left side

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First off I swear I have searched for the last 2-3 days for a possible resolution to this, but now I’m completely stumped.
Putting my track 1198s back to stock for street duty. And I got the front end put together along with the tail. FYI I installed a tail tidy in the process of reassembling the tail for looks.
Front mirror wires have no pinching, rear wiring no pinching either, had to double check.
Checked the battery ground, found some corroded wiring and redid the negative terminals to the crankcase/battery/ECUs and terminal to battery.

And I still get this almost non existent glow front and rear on the left side.
Everything off, has this faint flicker still, go to use it the right side works great 90%of the time and the left is pretty much inop.
I disconnected the switches from the clipon and still flickers which was odd to me. Almost sounds like an ecu problem?

Any ideas fellas?
I appreciate any input!
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Relays for blinkers are in dash I think. Not sure what can be done to those if they wont work. Take dash connector off, clean etc..Are those stock blinkers?
Fronts are stock and rears are aftermarket. I disconnected the rear yesterday and put in a bulb in its place and the front stayed on very very dim, like in the picture.
It’s weird.
And after looking at the factory wiring diagram the wiring for the blinkers definitely seems to go into the dash.
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