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I have 2007 S2R 800 with Arrows carbon pipes from mid pipe back. I'm having fuelling problems with the bike having a big hesitation off the bottom end with partial throttle. Its bad when its running either real cold from start up, ok at mid temps and then gets worse in traffic or other times when the temp goes up.

The problem has been getting progressively worse. Sometimes feels like one cylinder is firing. I checked plugs and they look like its running lean. I had it "tuned" out once by the dealer during the first service but the prob returned and like I said its getting worse. Bike has 3k miles.

Its not so bad at full throttle or once the bike clears itself out and picks up and revs.

Is there anything on the FI I can adjust to or am I going to have to get a Powercommander or the like. Any recs for this. Thanks.
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