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If your momma was hip to motorcycles, this is the kind of bike she might want you to stay away from.

“I warned you about hanging out with that dirtbike on steroids,” she’d say. “Your license can’t handle another Exhibition of Speed or Reckless Driving charge!”

“Yeah, but she’s more fun than a year at Six Flags!” you’d say if you just had Ducati’s most recent hit in your garage for a few weeks.

Take a ride on a Hypermotard 1100S, and you will also hark back to past scenes of your life when you were a bit of a punk rebel. It might’ve been surreptitious spitballs shot across a classroom at your buddy, or perhaps peppering an unsuspecting driver with a well-timed snowball. Riders who once enjoyed the thrill of general mischief such as this will find the Hypermotard a willing and prodding accomplice in whatever tomfoolery you still have flowing through your veins.

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