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This is a 07 1098s with all the updates done by factory Ducati shop.(battery box,tension idlers,starter motor and spraig gear,rear sprocket carrier) the bike was purchased from the insurance comany when they couldn't replace the origional parts due to it's newness(no parts available for the ltd production run at the time) Pretty much all the stock factory bodywork was scrached in one way oranother, and the bike was deemed not repairable at the time. fastforward 2 years, the bike has had a whole new set of bodywork to replace the old, and has been riden only a few times during the summer of 09 by a instructor at Calgary race city at a performance rididng school. The bike has the termi 70 mm exhaust along with the proper ECU .brembo (RACE) master cylinders on both clutch and brake. GP Suspension has done the front forks with the 25 mm cartrages (even better than what comes with the Ohlins 15mm cartrage) and has matched the rear suspension with the correct spring rate to comply with the front, end result is a perfectly planted suspension that can be tailored to any weight with a simple spring swap. The bike has 3000 kms on it and all fluids have been changed since new (radiator, brakes , clutch and 2 oil changes in under a thousand kms) This is a fast bike, and not for the beginner rider. Bike was dynoed with 150 rwhp before the termi system was installed, and with the new system and ECU should be just over 160 rwhp. Bike will come with race bodywork and fairing stay for track use. pic's can be had of bike in all stages right from the time I got it to now,by emailing me at [email protected]


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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