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O.K. I have read alot of posts over the years and this part is new to me. I have been riding cruser style since 1969 and had a hatius from 1990 to 2004 while my children grew. I ride a 1979 Harley sport, 1956 BSA B-33 and a 1968 Honda 450. I recently decided to try this style and bought a nice 2006 ss1000Ds because the material said it was fully adjustable for seat hieght independant of sag. I am use to coming to a stop with both feet on the ground. I placed it with a local Ducati dealer but not much luck. Other than softer front springs and shaving the seat. Now specifics. The olin back shock is the hieght adjustment the top larger nuts and which way is lower towards the tire or towards the seat. It is now adjusted down fully towards the tire. I need about two more inches and have shaved the seat but could go a little more. The dealer was big on ride geometry and felt could not get any more out of the front. I want to drop the steering head lower in triple trees. Do you all have any comments on this or suggestions?
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