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I finally got around to installing my QD exhaust this past weekend.

Very happy with the visual effect and surprised by the difference the exhaust made in my bikes performance.

First-Set aside 4-5 hours to install...QD quality control and fit is a bit optimistic...yes it fits, but to say it "fits" this model is a stretch..Clearly the exhaust is meant for another Ducati...

Second- The exhaust note is very unusual...It has many of the sound qualities/chracteristics of a large two stroke motor(I have a KTM 300)...I kind of like it..very different in character and tone...I may have to wear ear plugs for any extended riding...The exhaust resonates in my helmet...It begs you to reach 1,500- 2,500 RPM higher in each gear(shifting at 7750 feels and sounds great (vs my 2-2 Termi set-up that encourages shifts at 6,200 rpms)

Third-Performance is really good...much better than my 2-2 termi set-up...I kept my Duc perforamnce ECU and Filter for both set-ups...I did several aggressive laucnhes agaisnt an 848 and the rider (and me as well) were shocked how my bike kept up until 95mph...

In closing, the exhaust is a real pain in the ass to install(no instructions)and I may need to pack the exhaust as the noise resonates in my helmet...again- great for short rides but my hearing and sanity would suffer anyting longer than 45 minutes....

I own and use Zard Shotguns, Termi 2-2, and now QD Ex-Box, I would rank as follows:

Termi 2-2 (Awesome deep bass note that really suits the Ducati Twin nicely)
Zard Shotguns(Great deep bass note, not as deep as the termis, but has a higher pitched edge)
QD Ex-Box- Very unique and probaly not to everyones liking or expectations regarding what a Ducati exhaust shoud sound like...

If I had to pick one exhaust, I would choose the Zard Shotguns... my 2 cents:)


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Nice review and summary. My mate Hugo has the QD box on his mono, and it does indeed sound more like a big single than a Ducati twin; raspy and shrill compared to the throaty 2-2 and 2-1 termis I've owned.

Original look tho.
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