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I have a 2005 ST3 and have read other threads on this board about suspension set-up of the rear shock, but I am still a bit confused.

First of all, I have already set my sag and I am good with the spring preload.

However, page 45 of the manual shows the rebound damping at the bottom of the shock (figure 1). The compression damping screw is at the top of the shock near the reservoir (figure 2).

My rebound damping screw turns 3 3/4 turns from all the way in to all the way out. (figure 1). My compression damping screw turns 4 3/4 from all the way in to all the way out (figure 2).

The manual states that the standard setting is to turn the rebound screw 2.5 turns out from all the way in. It also says to turn the compression screw 12 clicks out from all the way in.

However, I find that it is just the opposite. The rebound screw (the bottom, figure 1) clicks, and the top or compression screw (figure 2) just turns.

So what's right? Does the manual have two adjustments reversed?

It seems to me that 2.5 turns would be about right for the top screw (compression damping), and 12 clicks for the bottom screw (rebound damping) would be firm but more accurate than the manuals suggestion of 2.5 turns out which would be pretty soft.

BTW, 12 clicks on the bottom screw (rebound damping) is about 1 1/3 turns out for me.

I am doing a track day in 2 weeks so I am just looking for a starting point.


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You're correct, the manual has it reversed. The lower rebound adjuster clicks, and the upper compression adjuster turns. 12 clicks and 2.5 turns out are the factory settings/baseline settings.
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