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Oilyduc said:
When I turn the key to on and the bike goes through it's self test, the yellow check engine light (EOBD) stays on and the engine is disabled. I do not hear the fuel injection whir and the bike will not turn over.
I have over 6,000 miles on it and this has happened twice. Once after 3 months at 3,200 miles and once at 5,300 miles.
The first time I thought the battery was low, so I put it on a battery tender for an hour and it started right up. Lucky I was home.
The second time I had just rode 150 miles on the freeway, stopped to get gas and it did the same thing. After about 15 times of turning the bike off and on it started and I was able to complete a 1,200 mile trip. It hasn't happened since.
I added a volt meter after the first time to see the battery voltage and it showed 12.6 VDC during the second occurance.

Has this happened to anyone? Are there any suggestions on what to look at next?
Yes. I had this happen to my ST4S on and off several times. According to what the manual says this could happen if the immobilizer can not read the ignition key, the EOBD light will stay on. It would take two or three retries and the engine would start ok. I did switch to the extra key and the problem has lessen some but no totally.
It still could be a loose connection or problems elsewhere but my dealer didn't offer any solutions, only if it happen more often that he would have to investigate closer.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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