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Summer is just around the corner....

Bike has been upgraded with a lot of hard to find race parts and setups. I have not used it over 4 years.

Price is 9.5K or best offer.

he engine is very strong and smooth.
- Blue print and cam degree was done
- Port and polish was done
- Flywheel and crank was shimmed down to as much as possible and balanced
- Pistal Hi-Compression pistons were put in and was balanced
- Ergal belt roller was put on to save weight.
- Speedymoto water pump
- yoyodyne Slipper clutch.
- Race harness + all of the un-nessacery wires were taken out manually for weight savings.
- Genesys Li-Battery (identical to speedcell)
- New timing belt.

- Stock red gas tank
- Keyless START/STOP switch.
- New Nemesis 2 ECU
- FULL HPE exhaust. The canister has few 100 miles on it. Replaced with a new one from DucShop. Much lighter than Termi. It's very much like a Leo Vince.
- EVR carbon fiber Air Box with Runners
- Stock airbox and runners.
- Battery box has been removed and fitted speedcell battery. A lot of weight was taken off and cleaned the area.
- Sharkskiz with perfect paint job on it.
- All of the NON-essential bolts were replaced by lightweight strong aluminum bolt kit.
- Titanium Front brake caliper bolts.
- Titanium Front and rear brake disk bolts.
- Speedy Frame sliders.
- 16.5' Forged mag Wheels.
- 17' stock rear wheel
- lightweight front 15 sprocket. (it has holes drilled to make it lighter)
- lightweight rear sprockets (i have several….38,39,40,41)
- New DID chain that i haven't even put on yet )
- Starlane stealth lap timer gps
- Most of the coolant hoss are replaced with silicon hose

- 27mm ohlins triple clamp set.
- 999s SBK inserts ohlins upgrade to the R/T forks
- 749R rear shock setup upgraded and setup by DucSop

Brembo Brake master cylinder 19x18
Brembo Brake master cylinder 19x18 spare
Brembo Clutch master cylinder
Galfer lightweight front brake disk with aluminum buttons (takes around 1 pound off) and with brand new brake pads.
Galfer lightweight rear brake disk.

Woodcraft Black two piece clip on
Woodcraft replaceable handle bar.
woodcraft rear sets.
GP shift lever.


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