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broomhilda said:
Which will be better as a bike mostly ridden on the track { high- speed/not tight - type tracks} ?
2004 999 with nice linear torque or a 2004 or 2005 or 2006 749 or 749 S {not an R}
I weigh 160.Moderate track experience but will be tracking the scooter once a month.
I worry that the 999 will be too powerful but also worry that the 749 will need to be buzzed which will equate to a little instability exiting corners where because I am not an expert I can use the stability of the torquey 999.
If were for the street I would buy the 999.

You'll get opinions both ways, I'm sure. I think it gets down to your riding style. The 999 is a wheel spinning machine. Odds of a high side improve here, but if your comfortable with this style the 999 is for you. If you are not at that level, or just want a bike that will reward high speed cornering but probable dusting by high HP bikes on the straights, go for the 749.

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