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So I drove my 2003 Monster 620 in heavy heavy rain for almost an hour last Thursday night.

In the last 5 minutes of my ride, my spedometer went to 0mph and the RPM needle started flying freely (obviously the RPM was not fluctuating), it looked like the needle was loose like a rubber band.

At the same time, the backlight to the whole dash board went dark.

Since then, I left the bike and let it dry for two days. It would not start or even turn on from the key.

Then I unplugged the battery to reset the ECU and plugged it back it.

Now it turns on, and the backlight is quite dim, but the RPM and clock work. My speedometer and mileage-meter does not move, which is a little freaky (i.e. I have since driven about 3 miles but my mileage does not reflect this).

Any advice?

Furthermore, every time I try to start it from cold, when I turn it on, about 8/10 times, the yellow check engine light turns on and it won't let me start.

Then I keep turning it off and on and removing the key out and trying to turn it back on. As mentioned, after 8 or so times, the check engine will go away and the bike can start.

It drives fine, but the panel does not work as everything is described, which makes me rather uncomfortable riding.

Help? Does it sound like a major repair, or do I simply need a new fuse or something?

Also - it's a little freaky that essentially, it seems like the bike was electricuted, which I thought wasn't supposed to happen to a vehicle, and that it can be left our / ridden in the rain, if needed?
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