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My bike has suddenly started to stall when idling (even in neutral) and/or as throttle is opened.
This only happens when engine is at normal running temperature (75 to 80 deg C).
It runs perfectly when cold/warm, but as soon as it gets to "normal" running temp, the stalling problem starts.
Other than the stalling thing, it runs perfectly.
I've replaced the RPM sensor and reset the TPS using Texa diagnostics, but it made no difference.
Has anyone out there got a idea as to what's causing this problem?

Cheers - John.

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This probably should be posted in the Superbike section.

That said, you may want to check a couple of fuel pump related areas:

A bad fuel pump relay can fail intermittently when it gets hot. Can you start your bike after it cools down? If so, I'd replace the fuel pump relay (located behind the battery box). The relay is cheap, and because it can fail intermittently it can be really difficult to test.

Another place to check is the fuel pump wiring that runs from the inside to the outside of the tank. The wiring can fail (intermittently) inside the insulator that fits into the fuel pump base.
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