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I do not have one in electronic form. However, I bought 2 different shop manuals. One is the factory manual and one is the Haynes.

Of the 2, the Haynes is the most useful and therefore, my recommendation. I got mine on Amazon for $15 or so.

The factory manual I got on eBay for about $30. It is in English and Japanese but is of limited usefulness.

It continually references tools for jobs that only a factory equipped shop would have...by part number so as a random guy in his garage, I have no idea what that tool might be without referencing back to the shop tools required section.

Even then, it might be something super simple to make, but it's a guess as to dimensions or material. That's where the Haynes manual has a suggestion on how to build a tool if needed or references something you can actually just go buy at the local auto parts store or hardware store. ..sean
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