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I recently recoated the inside of my tank due to a pinhole leak. I apparently forgot to take pictures of how my hoses were hooked up previous to disconnect.

There are 4 hoses inside the tank

Delivery - (hooked up and good to go)
Backflow - (hooked up and good to go)
Bleed - Blue arrow on pics
Overflow - red arrow on pics

I am fairly confident that the hoses hook up according to how I color coated them, just want to make sure before i buckle everything back down.

Can someone confirm if I am correct in assuming:
A: The hole in the top of the cap (with the blue arrow) is simply if the tank overflows or sloshes, this just runs out and is the overflow.

B: the black hole in the cap (with the red arrow) is the bleed? I am not 100% sure what its "bleeding" or the purpose of this hose?

Thank all for the help!

Safe riding


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Overflow is the cap drain at about 8 O"clock as you sit on the bike.
Bleed is the charcoal can at 6 O'clock

If you have no charcoal can it does not matter they are often t-fitted together and both are overflow. either way just use both as overflow and you are safe.
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