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I have a Power Commander 3 but it only modifies fuel trims. How can I change the ignition curve. I heard there was an Ignition Module available for this at one time but cannot find it. Is there another way to remap?

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You can use TunerPro to adjust fuel and ignition maps and whatever other maps/tables have been found.

Check out the Datalogging and mapping thread here for a guide and links.

You need to download software from that site as per the guide. GuzziDiag / IAWDiag
Also on that site, the 750SS XDF to use in TunerPro to access the bin file for modding.

You would first use GuzziReader to read your bin file, then after modding, you would use GuzziWriter of write/flash the modified bin file to the ECU.

As per the guide, you would also need a cable and adapter to connect to your computer.
Total cost is UK Pounds 20 plus freight for the cable/adapter and whatever you choose to donate to the software developers.

Assuming there is an ignition module available for your model, it will be more expensive than the above route.

Note - I have not tried any of this on a 750, so cannot vouch that it will work.

You might want to seek out forum member herrgray as he has a 750 and was looking to use the above for mapping etc.
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