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2001 748R repair questions

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New to the forum. I have a 2001 748r with all the goodies, factory pro chip, full exhaust, etc and unfortunately the rain got the best of me a few months backside and slide on the side damaging fairings, windshield, gas tank, etc.

I am having it repaired, painted and need to find out where to get the stickers for the fairings, the tank, and the seat striping (see pics...these are before the wreck).

Also, need to find screws for the windshield and the "rivets" that connect the upper fairing to lower.

Appreciate any help, really want to get her going again.




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So given the conclusions reached on what makes an "R" an "R"...is the bike pictured in this thread a 2001 "R"?

1) It doesn't have Ohlins suspension...2001 models do.
2) There is no plate (that I can see from these pictures) on the upper triple clamp indicating the production number.
3) The fairings have the "R" moniker shown...these fairings didn't appear until the 2002 model...the 2001 model had the plain ole' 748 fairings...only the tail had the "R" moniker (as seen on this bike).

It would be interesting to see the VIN.

Very odd bike.
Well, from my understanding R's have the following VIN sequence...



1: region code (z is italy)
2-3: manufacture id (DM is ducati)
4: 1 = street, 3 = race
5: H = homologation, L = supersport, S = superbike, R = monster, T = sporttouring
6: street version A, B, C or race 7, 9
7-8: engine code

The VIN pictured matches a 748S
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Using the link provided, it indicates an "S" as well...the key characters being the "SB" for the fifth and sixth characters. Also, and as indicated by super dooper...the VIN shows a "Y" for the tenth character which indicates the bike is a 2000 model year...not 2001.
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