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2001 748R repair questions

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New to the forum. I have a 2001 748r with all the goodies, factory pro chip, full exhaust, etc and unfortunately the rain got the best of me a few months backside and slide on the side damaging fairings, windshield, gas tank, etc.

I am having it repaired, painted and need to find out where to get the stickers for the fairings, the tank, and the seat striping (see pics...these are before the wreck).

Also, need to find screws for the windshield and the "rivets" that connect the upper fairing to lower.

Appreciate any help, really want to get her going again.




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The 1999/2000's used the standard injection system found on the 748's. The 2001+ had shower injectors, so the airbox was different. It also takes a different filtration system.

The 1999 and 2000's have Showa forks and Ohlins shock. 2001/2002 has Ohlins all the way around. The 2002 also has the "newer" desmoquattro motor with the shorter head. Kind of a strange beast...
What??? No 1999 748R's were around...first year was 2000. Had Showa all the way around. Had shower injection and larger airbox. 2001 had a CF airbox, same volume and had the 4-pad brakes and ohlins steering damper, plus the aforementioned forks and rear shock. The 2002 got the new fairing and decals and nothing else different then the 01 model.
Oh...slipper clutches were standard and so were the 36 and 30mm valves. Wider timing belts and better cams...
Jimmy my lad, I wish you well, but you really need to learn your facts better.

The 748R came out at the same time the 748RS came out which was 1999. Why do I know that? Because the 748R was a homologation special, it was a de-tuned version of the 748RS, which started to race in 1999. Ducati didn't start producing motorcycles with shower injectors until late 2000. This is why you see some 748R's with showers and some without. Its safe to say, 2001+ have showers, have the larger CF airbox and most importantly have the ohlins fork/shock.

One thing I was wrong about when I posted was the showa shock on the 1999-2000 models. It wasn't until the late 2000 production (2001 model year) 748R's with the shower injectors, that the Ohlins shock was introduced.

Anyhow, if you want the full history on the 748RS/748R, pick up Ian Falloon's book about the Desmoquattro's. NOBODY has ever posted such accurate information on the internet, not even me. If I had the book in front of me, I'd write it in verbatim for ya. ;)

You know I have the book right in front of me.

The airbox was the same size on ALL the 748R bikes...difference is the carbon fiber box.
The 748 Race model is different then the 748R, Tye. The R was the street version, which came out in 2000...clearly stated in his book. And all had the shower injectors. I have YET to see anyone with a R model that didn't have shower injectors. Even Ian's book says the 2000-2002 models only have shower injectors. Please tell me what page you're looking at says it differently.

And don't try to put the Tye spin on it by saying LATE 2000 models, then saying 2001. They're called 2001 models because that's the designated year of the bike. Laddy.
Let's see...Late 1999...that's a 2000 model, right laddy? And it says big airbox, which you claimed it didn't have until 2001 (oh sorry, late 2000).

Seriously...first you say to look in Ian's book, now this. You have major issues about admitting when you're wrong.

A bit puzzling, since somehow in the back of my mind I remember repeatedly someone telling me the first batch of 748R's didn't have showers.

Ohh and whatever book your getting the info from on the year is wrong:

Quoted directly from the Sigma Performance web site.

Ducati released its long awaited update for the 748SPS in late 1999 called the 748R. The bike featured the first production 'big airbox' design. The box is designed to give both a larger quantity of nice cold stopped air and a lower frequency pulse to assist the spread of the power band. New larger 54mm throttle bodies are inside the box and feature some very expensive 'shower' style injectors above the butterflies. There is no secondary injector. Just like the early years of the 748SP/SPS, a race prepared version, the 748RS was also released.

The main new parts on the 748R are a motor based on the 996; bigger, stronger, cases bigger port cylinder heads and larger valves. Designed to stand the 155hp of the 996 racers the cases were as strong as a rock. As mentioned above the other addition was the large airbox and a modified frame to get the new box in (the frame is the same as that homologated with the Foggy replica in 1998; on that occasion though you still had the old airbox design).
I just don't think I am wrong... I've seen the service manuals w/o shower injectors using a 996 dual injection system and standard airbox in a bike with a 748R on the side of it.

Ya caught me with the Ohlins/Showa deal... just be happy with catchin' that mistake.
1) Correct. 2001-2002 Had Ohlins front and back.
2) Not sure any or which came with plates. My 2000 had no plate.
3) Plain ol' 748 is correct for all that I'm aware of, 2000-2002. 2002 did have the newer model fairing, but still, no R, as seen on this bike.

2001 and later had a carbon fiber airbox and 4-pad calipers, too.

So given the conclusions reached on what makes an "R" an "R"...is the bike pictured in this thread a 2001 "R"?

1) It doesn't have Ohlins suspension...2001 models do.
2) There is no plate (that I can see from these pictures) on the upper triple clamp indicating the production number.
3) The fairings have the "R" moniker shown...these fairings didn't appear until the 2002 model...the 2001 model had the plain ole' 748 fairings...only the tail had the "R" moniker (as seen on this bike).

It would be interesting to see the VIN.

Very odd bike.
That will definitely help figure out if it's an R or not...should be a nice difference in #'s.
That would explain the suspension....
Looks to me that you have a 2000 R model. Get some dyno numbers on it...
According to Shazam's vin decoder, this is a off-road Superbike, meaning it wasn't licensed for street use, meaning it's a 748R...2000 model. Someone probably added CF airbox to it. Pull the airbox and see if it has any manufacturer names on it.
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