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Hello all..
I installed an aftermarket headlight i bought off ebay. Wiring looked pretty easy. factory side white=low, yellow/blk=High, Black=Ground, Solid Yellow=PAS"Didnt connect PAS"

I dont have a low beam now, only high, no fuses popped. somebody mentioned the switch, i wanted a new one anyway so i replaced it with aftermarket, of course no wiring instructions, but the switch has hi-lo and pas function..Still only high beam. the wiring is not easy to figure out on the loom, im trying to utilize the old connecter. this is what it appears like.



the only thing thats familiar on this is the yellow "which appears looped" and the white. and apparently the last owner tied a few wires together off of the switch.. so something with the green. "sigh face" as show below from the old switch.

def need some help all..
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