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2000 Duc 748 front fork question -- removal

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Hi Guys, a question on my front forks, im getting ready to remove them so I can replace fork seals. before I start pushing and pulling etc, I thought id ask about what I think are cir-clips I see around the top of the fork, just inside the top triple clamp.

To remove the forks, after loosening the Triple clamps, do I have to move the fork "up" then remove the clips, then pull them out the bottom, or just pull them out the Botton as usual. (ie the clips are governing how hight out of the top clamps the forks can go) ??

These are "vanilla" forks with no Preload/compression or rebound adjustment. Manuals (Ducati and Haynes) dont mention these

thanks in advance


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There are no cir clips on those forks. What you are seeing appear to be spacers because those are not Superbike forks. Superbike forks have 53mm diameter upper and lower clamps. Non-Superbike bikes like ST, SS, Monster typically have 50mm uppers. That size upper would require a spacer to make up the difference. Those forks look like non-adjustable Marzocchi or Showa off something else. No Superbike, even the base model 748, came with non-adjustable forks.

To answer your question, support the front, remove the wheel / fender / calipers and loosen the bars and fork clamps. They will just drop out, maybe some twisting would be needed...

If you like them, go with your plan to replace the seals and reinstall. Just be aware that if you go for upper bushings too, parts will not be the same. In fact, if they are Marzocchi forks, I'm not sure if any of the Showa parts will fit.

You may want to search eBay for the correct forks, they are not that expensive. If you PM me, I MAY know a guy with a set of clean forks that already have new seals and oil and Race Tech springs (for 180 lbs rider) not doing anything...
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Thanks very much for the Info.

the fork seals I got should fit do you think ?

Whats the standard size of the lower fork leg? Im gonna guess that they are Showa, only because the lower section where the axle goes through has the notches for the Showa axle alignment tool.

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They do look like Showa. I think the sliders on all of them from that era are 43mm.
Thanks so much. I really appreciate the insights and info.

Im not surprised theyre not original to be honest, I half expected that since id not found anything in the manuals or in other pictures.
all 65mm caliper mount spacing forks are 43mm. they all have hollow 25mm axles and alignment notches too. if they are showa it will say showa inside the fork leg at the bottom. marzocchi will usually have an M like a 3 point trident thing. pretty sure the seal od is different for the marzocchi fork seals.
Thanks Guys, I really do appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me.

They are Showa, it does have "SHOWA" on the onside of the lower fork leg.

Thanks again !
You, (I suggest to get) need to get some different forks. Get a set of the older SBK fork with the 40mm spacing for the calipers. Looks like some old Monster forks are fitted to your 748

Also, the temp gauge does not belong on a 4-valve engine. We see gauges like that on the 2-valve bikes. I am thinking that front end took a hit by one of the previous owners.
Thanks Namor. Im sure you are correct. there are a few oddities on the bike that suggest a hard past life..

So your saying if I get a set of Superbike forks from an early 2000's era super bike, my callipers won't fit ?
forks from a 1999 or later model will have the 65mm caliper mount spacing. 98 and earlier are 40mm.
+1 on getting a proper set of period correct SBK forks.

What is that green string holding up? Looks like it goes from the head tube area down to the radiator.

Never mind, I see they are holding the calipers.
OK, My callipers have mount holes that are 65mm Centre to Centre. so Ill see if I can get a correct set of forks
You are right. You have 65mm spacing forks. Sorry for misleading you. I must have confused your forks with the forks from the forks in the 748 restore thread.

But those decals, if correct, are from a 97 and a 97 would 40mm.
No problem Namor. The bike is a 2000. Ive sourced a set of forks, but will likely also need a lower Triple clamp I'm told. The old forks are 54mm in the lower and the correct ones 53. in measuring my lower's even tightened right up theyre >53mm so looks like one thing leads to another. but..... need to sort this out properly

And you are right, the bike has 97 decals, ill be leaving those, I like them better than the 2000
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Huge thanks to SS904 for hooking me up to get a new set of correct SuperBike forks for my 748 !!

Just waiting on the new lower triple clamp to arrive and ill be able to do the swap.
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