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Hello all,

First, I did try searching for this, but I couldn't get a clear answer. Let me just say that this is my first Ducati (after a kawasaki, suzuki, and even a harley). I LOVE it. Anyways, since it had been dropped, the previous owner replaced it's yellow fairings on the sides with red fairings. He got as far as buying a red gas tank, but never installed it. I bought it in working order with a yellow gas tank on the motorcycle and the red with it. I'm wondering how simple or difficult removing and replacing the gas tank will be. What steps should I take in removing it and then installing the other one? I've taken off gas tanks before, but none were fuel injected and they certainly weren't Ducati's! Also, since I haven't taken off the yellow one yet, I can't even be certain the tank that came with it is for a 750 supersport. Does anyone have a picture or an installation chart that I can look at the bottom of the red one and make sure it is actually the correct one? Is there a difference between 900ss and 750ss tanks? Thanks!

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the tanks for the 900 SS i.e. and 750 SS i.e. are the same.
drain the fuel from your tank, and take the fuel pump
and filter assembly out of it.
It might be difficult to open the little clamps that connect
the hoses to the filter and pump inside, there has been a
thread about them here lately.
If you can not purchase the clamp and pliers set suggested
in mentioned topic, i suggest to have new small standard
clamps bought at your local hard ware store, before
you put the filter and pump into the other tank.

this is the moment to change the fuel filter by the way.


you need no chart to do it, just take a look into the
tank you're going to dis-assemble, it is all sort of self explaining.

cheers. :)
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