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2020 V4S
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My bike is going in for service tomorrow for a rear brake reservoir that looks like chocolate pudding when i noticed today some fuel issues. First off this morning as i rode off from a stop under normal traffic speeds the bike DIED and then came back to life in a split second. I could tell by vibration and sound the engine just cut out. But it got back up before a dead stall stop. Ok Then coming home from the gym slowing to a stop i noticed a stutter in the engine. You know what i mean you can feel it in the seat of your pants those cylinders are not firing as they should. I accelerated when i noticed that i had time before having to come to a stop and the same thing happens under accel. It went away for the remainder of the ride home. Then i go out again maybe a mile from leaving the house the same thing happens i turn around to go home and its fine, and i need to get to my destination its an appointment so having felt it cleared up I left. It performed fine the entire way there. Leaving the apt i had to get gas and the damn thing cut out and died as i turned into the GS, THEN i had to physically press the starter clutching in it came back to life w/ out issue. I got gas, left for home with no other issues. So again im taking it in tomorrow for service but wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue?

Oh yea and ill put a picture of my rear reservoir complete with chocolate pudding. On the rear brakes, they feel as muddy as they look. Front is fine and clear. Braking on the front is linear and direct w/ no issues.

2020 V4S
1958 miles
3 mo old
91 degrees F
Flat and level riding


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