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Ducati Performance Megaphones (also called Conti pipes). *These came off my 1999 900 when I sold it. *Definitely fits all air cooled, dual sided swingarms up to 1999 and I think they also fit air cooled, dual sided swingarms up to 2005.

Pipes have a fantastic sound and a classic look. *Apparently these are fairly rare and somewhat hard to find-I have never seen another Monster in person with these pipes.

Pipes are in great shape (excuse the finger prints), however there are a few small dings (as shown in the last picture). *These dings are on the inside of pipes, right next to the swingarm. The dings are nearly impossible to see while pipes are on the bike. *The only way I ever saw the dings was when sliding a towel between the pipe and the swingarm to dry the exhaust after a wash.

PM me or email me at KyleSLarson[AT]gmail[DOT]com

I am located in Utah. $330 shipped to the continental US.
International shipping is expensive, but I'll happily look into the cost.

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