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Hello Yellow-Duck,

The round airbox on the first link doesn't look like any SS ie airbox I've ever seen (To my knowledge all are square with the metal clips) and the pre 98 models will likely be different from ours (carbs vs injection) - the one on the 2nd link doesn't look as deep as mine but has the same basic shape.

I got the DP airbox lid with the K&N type filter (the DP kit) last month. Cost me $105 USD new from the dealer. Its cut out at the top but leaves the front 1/4 of the filter covered, provides better rain protection that way I imagine. Sounds great and with the DP ECU it runs much better than STD. I would recommend just pricing the DP lid if you can, or getting a STD lid from a wreckers and cutting to suit. :)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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