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1999 Ducati Monster Chromo

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I need some help, I am looking at buying a 99 Monster 900m but seller tells me that the comp shaft seal that sits behind the front sprocket is leaking? Is this a big $$$$$ Problem? Also, tank has small dents can the dents be taken out of a Chromo tank with out re-chroming tank??

P.S. the bike has 21,000 miles and asking price is around $4,000.00



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well...in reverse order....for a bike that has issues and isn't pristine....to me...$4000 seems a bit high...maybe $3500 would be closer to reasonable....cause who knows what else you are going to run into!......as far as dents in the tank...it depends on if there are creases in the dents...if there are no creases...it might be doable to do a paintless dent removal technique to save from re-chroming the tank....otherwise...you will have to go and rechrome the tank!....or just customize it or repaint it to a different scheme or buy a new undented chromo tank off Ebay...they do pop up every so often!.....as far as the seal issue...I haven't encountered it myself...so I have no advice to give...and for that...I am sorry!

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price is about right. Do they have service records? When were the belts changed and the valves done?

But fixing a chromo tanks can cost $$$. and they are rare, so I'd want it fixed. The countershaft seal is an easy fix.
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