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Bike is a 1999 996S.

A couple weeks ago took the bike out for my longest ride yet after many hours of refurbishing and rehabbing the bike. About 25 miles into the ride while accelerating out of a turn the engine stumbles and hiccuped, for lack of a better description. I pulled in the clutch lever and the engine died. Coasted to a stop, hit the start button, it fired right up. Sounded fine, no throttle hesitation. Puzzled I continued on. A couple miles later the engine stumbled again. This time I kept the throttle on. Engine kind of hiccuped like before but kept running. No problems during the rest of my ride of about 3 hours. Weird. Had plenty of gas, so not a fuel starvation issue.

A couple days ago, started it to warm up prior to a ride. Fired up right away as usual. Love that loping growl. After about 4 minutes of idling, engine just quit. Hit the start button, fired up instantly. Weird. Took off on my ride, a short one, maybe an hour, no problems. Bike ran flawlessly.

Any opinions from you experts? I would hate to break down three hours from home.

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