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Hey All,

I bought a 1999 750ss that seemed to run ok when I got it...was kind of doggish but it ran OK....it only has 11,000 miles on it.

First thing I did was geta K&N filter...new NGK plugs... gutted the stock exhaust...New Zero Gravity windshield ....smoothed out the body panels where the front signals would go and painted it with black PPG paint.

I currently have a few (GSXR600, Triumph 955I, Katana 600) and have had many other in the past years..... I have never had an issue like this!

I was riding at about 75mph and it suddenly just bogged down and I lost power....

I pulled to the side and I couldnt get it started again! I had to ride my girlfriends bike home to get my trailer to pick it up.

I started diagnosing the issue. I pulled the plugs and noticed that the front cyl was fouled (Black) pretty badly. I replaced the plugs....checked for spark against the engine block... and she fired right up but fouled the new front flug again within a few minutes. The rear cyl plug looks brand new.

I was now baffled! I took the airbox off....removed the injectores and bumped the started switch to check them and they misted gass just fine. ...While I had the airbox removed...I took off the throttle bodies and gave them a good cleaning with some carb cleaner.

Put everything back together and she seemed to start right up.....after a fe minutes she started to surge and just shut off. I checked the plugs and the front is fouling again! and it wont stay running without me blipping the throttle.

I took my fuel filter out of the tank and replaced it with a Napa fuel filter (thanks to this forum). while I had the filter out...I held on to the fuel pump
in some gas and gave the started a bump...It squitred just fine!

Sorry for the long post...but I wanted to give a step by step of what I have gone though already.

Am I going to have to take it to the dealer and pay an arm and a leg for service?



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