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hi all,
I have an issue with my 98 ST2 not starting.
I just bought a new battery.
Started about 2 weeks ago.
From searching this forum it sounds like it is the 'starter clutch' or sprag clutch (apologies for misspelling).
I wanted to ask the learned ones if I am correct before I take the bike apart and order new bits.


I can't upload mp4 files, above is a link to a facebook page with the video.



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You are pretty vague with the symptoms of the starting problem. Quite often people will throw a new battery at the problem(me included, years ago) when it could be an assortment of other issues.
The '98 ST2 has a weak charging system that is well noted in this forum. The voltage regulator in the '98 ,if it already hasn't been changed and/or moved, is positioned in the nose of the headlight fairing where it gets no air flow to cool it ...
The stator is problematic as well as the connector between the stator and VR...
Anyway, do a search for charging system problems for your bike, there will be plenty to read/learn...once you get it diagnosed you can put your money in the right place.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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