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1998 916 Sps

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Hi, I am new to the web site. I currently own a 2005 ST3 and a 1998 748 BI. I just got the 748 in Dec after selling my Buell XB9R. I was hoping I would enjoy the bike ( 748 ) as much as the Buell. The problem now is I love these superbikes so much that I am trying to figure how to upgrade the 748 to a 98 SPS I found. The only known problem with the SPS is a tendancy for the motor to just stop running after a short ride. It will restart after it has a chance to cool down. The first owner and the bike shop have not been able to trace down the problem yet. It has the P8 computer. Other then that the bike is in exc condition with 7000k miles. Anybody have a clue here? Are these bikes ( SPS's ) going to hold there value or maybe increase in the future. Anyone have an idea where to find another computer for this thing? Thanks, Tim.
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in the 9xx type bikes, if it's an sp it's 916. (except for a very few rare 955's)
sps is 996
r is testastretta 998
until you get to 999r then it's 999cc with the full monty short stroke donk.
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