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A quick thanks for all that replied to my recent inquiries/questions. The first photo shows about how long its about been since she's been out on the road. Its been non-op prior to that and had seen a few track days.

I've owned quite a few bikes and cars in my days and its still been the only one I've ever bought new. In fact, I've bought it twice. How did acquire such a beauty? I think the company I was working for in '97 found out I was job hunting and decided to give me a retro-active raise. Did I do something wise with my money? Hell yes! I bought a Ducati! I don't know how I first knew about the 900SS but I've must have seen one in the 90's. I didn't even have a motorcycle license at the time but luckily I was dating a girl who drove a truck. When I told my brother what I had purchased and how I managed to get it home, his exact words were "You're going to fucking kill yourself! Can I ride it first?"

And how did I buy it twice? Probably not how you'd think. After having been working in Japan, I somehow decided that I needed a GP bike, or at least a knock-off. So I ended up buying a '94 Rothmans Replica Honda NSR250 there. I've ended up having owned 3 NSR250s along with picking up a TZR50 for a friend. So the NSR found itself at the track and I was hooked! The Ducati started spending lots of time sitting idly in the garage. A coworker was moving from Santa Barbara to Champaign-Urbana as his wife had just been accepted to med school. After a happy hour and a few negotiations, I was without Ducati but now had a '61 Porsche 356 B coupe in said garage. After figuring out I could never afford to live anywhere in the Santa Barbara area, I left my company and bought a place in Carlsbad.

Money quickly got tight and I sold the Porsche less than 2 years later. I was doing lots of track days on the NSR and would soon race it with WERA but I kept thinking about how much I missed my Ducati. Well it can't hurt to just look on ebay, could it? Within less than a week of cruising ebay, I ran across a SS/CR like mine. In fact, it had the same type of Yoshimura CF pipes I put on her. It had a jet kit and a cut airbox like mine. It even had a dent on the right side of the tank just like mine when I had a get off at Streets of Willow. Wow! Its even in Illinois, just where my bike went! Turns out the first winter the next owner experienced in Illinois was the end of motorcycle ownership for him and he sold it to a neighbor who never rode it! In about 2 years, there were about 1000 miles more on the odometer.

And like that, she was mine again. The trucker who delivered it had another story of a someone who managed to get their exact bike back but I remember it was more like 2 decades in between ownership and not 2 years as in my case.

And then a poor experience with a local shop meant it was a few more years until it got back on the road. At least in the meantime, my mechanical skills were vastly improved and I did all the work myself to get her back up and running.

Even today, I can kill minutes in the garage just staring at her.

Being trapped on a plane for 12+ hours allows you lots of time to type and reminisce!


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