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1995 900ss, took clutch apart, push rod problem

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Hello -

Doesn't seem to be a problem I can find here after searching - took the clutch apart, checking for wear, it's certainly time to replace, so i just wanted to pack it back up and ride until the new one comes. Nothing more than that.

Problem is that the clutch push rod seems to be sticking out too far and therefore the pressure plate doesn't fully contact the drum teeth. So when you engage the clutch, the plate just pops out. No power to the wheels. WTF?

I am at a loss - slave piston problem? Ugh, haven't ridden in a week, rear caliper problems (rear rotor lodged itself into the caliper somehow), chain too tight, can't friggin loosen the bolts to the rear axel...one thing at a time...

Thanks all

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