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The post below has me considering a similar avenue as the old engine in my SS is in pretty rough shape and may have some hidden/ unkown issues according to the previous owner...

i am pursuing the route of having this 750ss rebuilt, but since i'm purely interested in having a running and riding supersport i am considering the options of replacing the motor/ rebuilding the 750 with performance parts/ or even some amalgam or frankenstein bike.

-the 1991-1998 bikes are pretty similar so would a swap from one of these be my only option?
-would any of the newer injected bikes be a better/ more cost effective option (2000 models up)
-would a carb'd 900ss fit and not need much to swap? i see some wider numbers on the 900 than my 750, but i think it uses a spacer to match up to the rear wheel?
-are there great performance mods/ big bore options for the 750? i know the 900 has plenty (feracci)
-from a cost / benefit side would i be safe in assuming a rebuild by a reputable shop would run me the same as purchasing a ready to go engine from another bike? (some quotes in my area range from 3k up to 3 times that)

-i have always wanted a supersport and WILL own one, but i may have bitten off more than i'm capable of with this little project.

Thanks for the input, i'm just brain-storming from the office desk chair and would like any info on what you folks have done.
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