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I just picked up a 1993 900SS that has been sitting for a while. I had the carbs removed and acid dipped, cleaned the tank and installed new fuel filers.
The bike runs fine up to 6000, but once it hits that mark it sputters a bit and climbs to 7500 and maxs out there at WOT with almost no power.

If you use only half throttle it will climb to 8500 and the sputtering isn't as bad.

The mods are as follows, to the best of my knowledge:
High compression pistons 11:1
Oversized valves
Aftermarket exhaust

The plugs are very light tan so I think it is starving for fuel. I don't know the size of the jets and i am running the stock air box. The bike was running fine before it was sitting.

Any ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated.
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