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Am confused about the flywheel of my newly acquired 1989 900SS which is not running. Please help.

According to the manual I should install the flywheel with the dot on its middle part aligned to the slot in the shaft. Afterwards, the alternator rotor is installed which also locks the flywheel in place. When the horizontal cylinder is at TDC, there should be 2 dots located at about 5 and 7 o'clock where the pick ups are supposed to be aligned. However, in the case of my flywheel, the 2 dots are located at about 1 and 5 o'clock. There is no space to put the pick ups there.

Nevertheless, I put the pick ups at about 5 and 7 o'clock with the right pick up aligned with one of the dots at 5 o'clock. When I tried to run the engine, only the vertical cylinder is firing.

I decided to re-install the flywheel and I did not mind the dot which was to be aligned to the slot in the shaft. I installed it where the 2 dots will position at 5 and 7 o'clock so it is aligned with the pick ups. With that the 2 cylinders are firing. However, the engine does not idle and turns off when the rpm goes down to 1500. Is this a timing problem? Has anyone ever encountered a flywheel like this?

Thanks for your time.
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