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That's a real nice special, but...Imma have to call BS on the frame being from a 1982 Alazzurra 350. There MIGHT have been a few 1984 Alazzurras released in Europe, but they hit the States in 1985. The Alazzurra was based on a modified Pantah frame used to build the 600TL, a standard style motorcycle sold in Europe but not over here. Italian Police even used them. A man in Montreal brought 10 of them in to used for kit bikes, he sold TT2 replica kits. A friend of mine (Bob in MI) bought one to use as a street bike. It was nice , but ugly. There were 350 versions of both the TL and the Alazzurra , but none imported to the US. And the 350 Alazzurra was after 1985. The TL350 WAS introduced in Italy as the 350XL in '82 for beginner riders.

If the VIN number of that special actually calls it out as an '82, I'd have to suggest it's a 1982 600 Pantah. The 17 digit VIN came into being in 1981, so the 10th digit would be the tell-all.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts