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well it's powered by a ducati 350.

this is a swiss condor A350. full bagger.
29000 kilometers. used by swiss military until 2001. produced from '68-'75 i believe. starts first try. i try to ride it for a bit everyday or so. very rare only 3000 made worldwide.
only a handful in the US. Bosch lighting. high/low beams and sneaky dim light for stealth. brake lights, horn. has everything except turn signals.
cast aluminum exhaust. extremely quite at speed. doesn't sound like a scrambler unless you take the exhaust off. holds 2 rifles and one handgun in the side compartment. full tool kit including tire kit, pump(under the seat) grease, extra plugs, safety wire ect... map holder, 3 bags. mirror, chains, locks.

the paint is so so. it's olive drab but touched up numerous places with a brush. no rust or dents or anything. i have all the racks and everything off right now but you can see what it looks like all together.

it's a euro shift. right foot shift 1 up 4 down. i've had it up over 80 kilometers an hour think it's about 55mph. very stable at speed. has steeering stabilizer. i have a on board vid if you want to see it in action. i'm pretty sure it's a bit heavier than an original scrambler. the frame is really beefed up. it was made to carry 2 soldiers with full gear. check out the pics and let me know if you have any questions.
i have the manuals but it's all in swiss. never had a scrambler so not sure what's different but willing to take pics of details if it helps.
looking for $4200 OBO.



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