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Damn, good stuff.
Not sure what you do for a living, but ever consider becoming a Ducati Rep?
I'm a retired derivatives trader & financial analyst. It's in my dna to dig into stuff.
Thanks for the comment. Much appreciated.

I have a 2016 R.
Could you tell me about the rear brake line recall? When was this released, and what exactly was corrected?
I ask because my 2016 R went in for a front master cylinder recall years ago, but I haven't been notified about any others.
Checked my VIN against Ducatis website and came up empty there, as well.
The brake line recall was performed by my dealer thinking it was for 2015+ only to find out afterwards that it's unfortunately for 2017 onward. I was lucky as they passed it as a customer appreciation job. I posted the details here:

If you're having the same issue, I'd suggest you have it done when your desmo service is due. It will cost you an extra hour or two of labor plus the price of a couple of brake lines. Bleed the rear brake each season in the interim.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts