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While troubleshooting my rough running 916 last week, I looked around for some free diagnostic software. When I had my 848, I had purchased a VDST, but needless to say I was not impressed with it at all, especially considering the price.

I found ducatidiag (http://www.ducati.ms/forums/40-sport-touring/132923-ducatidiag-wow.html), but it didn't offer too many options for the 16/15MM series of bikes, though it seems a bit more complete for new bikes.

Then I found some free 16MM diagnostic software. It's written for MV, but it does list a 15MM and 16MM Ducati ECU in the setup.
*Free* 16M Diagnostic software - MVAgusta.net

You'll need to spend about $30 on cables, but both options give us a nice alternative to VDST or the dealer.

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