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125 Bronco Project-Help!

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Hi All- hoping for a little expertise...

I'm rebuilding my old high school ride- mid 60's 125. My problem is the flywheel- can't get the darned thing off. I've also got a 250 project going, got a puller for that but it won't work for the 125. Anyone know where I can get a puller, or have any tips to remove the flywheel?

Any input greatly appreciated-
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Is the flywheel on a taper? if so, remove the nut and holding a brass or aluminium rod against the rim of the flywheel OPPOSITE the woodruffe key (if there is one) strike the rod smartly with a hammer. The flywheel should fly off. If not, is it possible to get a three legged puller over the flywheel?
Bronco huh..?
Short story. I was browsing the web the other day and ran across a site that collects and sells pages from old motorcycle magazines. The had an ad for my second bike- a Zundapp 250 Super Sabre... but I found out later- ALSO an ad for my very first bike- the J-Be Model K, on the same page. Both imported by Joe Berlin.

So what? On the page also was an ad for the Bronco...

"The new 98cc Ducati "Bronco" with its 4.8 H.P. four speed trouble-free O.H.V. motor features "big bike" performance with a maximum comfort and safety... Teledraulic front forks, rear springing, magneto ignition, large brakes, 16" wheels and dual seat are just a few of its many features!"

Of course Joe Berlin imported Ducatis as well as Nortons.

Check out: www.dadsvintageads.com/

no affiliation... just fun stuff.

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Hi Mate,

This pic might helpa little bit? The flywheel is on a taper.




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I just bought a 1958 Ducati Bronco 125. what do you think it is worth? its all original has everything. needs a rebuild and restoration. It is going to be my project bike .
66 Ducati Bronco

I picked up a Bronco project bike this spring too. Not sure what I'm going to do. Any ideas ?


The sheet metal looks good, engine is complete but frozen. It's apart now in several boxes.
Try some wooden wedges... Seriously, if your woodruff key is cracked, only gentle prying motion (short of the OEM pulley) will remove the flywheel. Make sure everything is aligned properly, though, before you start prying it off. Wood will not damage anything, but will put enough pressure to have it pop off. I did it on my Vintage Ducati and it worked. Dan
Try to find the proper F/W puller. The size is 27mm x 1.0 Rh pitch. Domiracer in Cincinnati has them. Also most bike shops worth their salt will have a collection of metric pullers. don't resort to force unless the female puller threads are shot.

Thanks for all the great info! We're working on the Ducs again- a couple of aircraft projects took up a lot of time, but it's getting colder in MN and the hangar isn't heated, so the Ducs are back in the mix for attention. Seriously, this flywheel issue is driving me nuts, so hopefully I can get it figured out...unless someone knows where I can get a new lower gearcase???

Love the Ducs..We checked the oil and fired up the 250 after we got it(hadn't been started since the 70's-fired right up with a jump), and it caused quite a stir in our neighborhood. The old high school ride 125 has always been a conversation piece as well. We'll try to post some pics so you can see what we're trying to accomplish. It doesn't matter if they're rare or common, old bikes are being parted out and disappearing. Those of us that are fortunate enough to be able to save a bike and preserve the heritage should do all we can do-even if you put your own spin on it instead of bringing it back to "original".

cheers, and keep 'em on the road!

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125 flywheel puller

According to factory parts Manuel, it requires a 27x 1,25 m extractor.part # 88713.0239. take the #27x1.25m number to honda,suzuki,kawasaki, and one of them should have one to buy or rent for a day or so. Capt Paul
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