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Hello everybody, I try to look at this on the forum, o found some info about half bearings but its confused and i can’t put all together.

I have a 2014 1199s with 11K km on it.
At 10K the con rod bearings of the vertical C. blow out.
I rebuild the engine with a used good crankshaft and conrods with the original bearings on it. the dealer told me that "it was assembled as it was removed from the original bike, never open".
so i assume the bearing sizes was by the manual.

after 1,300 km using the bike in low revs till reach the top, the bearings blow again the day i pushed the bike a little more.
The bike its used ONLY on TRACKDAYS on circuit, not the street.

I need to rebuild again, perhaps the bearing sizes were not ok.

the manual specs only mention blue or yellow bearings depending of the A or B letter on the conrods/crankshaft.

but the catalog has also red, brown, green and black bearings.

If a measure with plastigate, once i get the size, how do I know with color to get?
i cant found any table with the COLOR and SIZE of each bearing!
In the case that goes a mix of color, for example Blue+yellow, which one goes on the lower half of the conrod and which one goes on the upper half of it?

any help about that?
Thaks to all


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Concerning tolerances, the only time I seen dimensions is in 1098RS engine mounting procedure (Ducati Corse documentation)

I think they kept the color / size codes on Panigale.

in terms of reassembling a road engine I think that following the 1199 manual stupidly is enough

Now you can use the Ducati Corse specifications to find the good bearings color for a race application (first picture)

at least, concerning you last question:

hope it will help you
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