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Hi guys,

I know that probably have been opened many posts about this subject but I did not want to spend so much time (actually more than I have already done... and it is quite a lot!) to find the answers I need among all the posts!

So I am going to explain what I need to understand about the Nemesis ECU.
I bought my track bike, 1198s, at the beginning of the season and the prevoius owner installed a Nemesis ECU on it. I know that Nemesis does not handle the DTC and actually I did not care that much since I have not ever used it with my previous bikes. But know, since the engine deliver so much power to the back wheel and I am getting used to bike and hence driving faster, I would really like to test the DTC on the bike in order to improve my driving style.

The question is: what is the cheepest solution to get the DTC back without buying a new ECU (Microtec for ex.)?

Thanks everybody!

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