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1198cc Scooter Racer here..

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What’s up folks..

had been reading here for a couple years and thought it’s time to say a word :D

Well I live in Miami Beach, bought a 1198 SP in red about 1.5 years ago as a first bike the next day I passed the basic rider course :eek: and put 14k miles on her until she got stolen. I loved that bike so much that I bought a new SP again.

Had been to the track many times (after riding solo in the middle of the night for 6 month to actually learn to ride) and bought / modded another bike for track days and CCS (a 2012 GSX-R 1000). Got my license 2 weeks ago and start racing soon. This also keeps me from putting too many miles on my Duc. I will keep her "forever"..

Great forum! I'll be around for a long time :)