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During a spring ride in the Ozarks last April I rode through swarms of insects. My riding suit was plastered with the little buggers. Unfortunately I didn't realize my radiator was also plugged with them too! A month later my 1198S seriously overheated and boiled coolant out. I refilled it and spent a couple hours spraying water through the radiator to unplug it. The bike continued to run perfectly until October when the low beam went out and the neutral light would only flicker while in neutral. Turns out the low beam connector was partially melted. I soldered in a new connector and all seemed perfect again. Occasionally the dash light wouldn't come on but cycling power always seemed to fix it. I checked all the connectors and are where good and clean - I added lots of dielectric grease everywhere.

This year, on day 1 of the Ozarks spring ride, the bike started with a rough idle and needed some throttle to stay running. I had just gassed up and figured bad gas? Nope! At the very first stop light out of town (30 seconds into a 4 day ride) I let the clutch out, added a little throttle and BANG, everything goes dark, the engine quits and I smell cooked "something". The only positive is it didn't happen miles from any town, deep in some Ozark forest.

Long story short; the RR failed high, cooked my 2yr old Shorai battery and took out the instrument fuse. I ended up buying and installing a new RR kit from roadstercycle which included the Dengenshen FH020AA Mosfet RR + Triumph T2500676 harness + 4-way adapter plate. With some measuring, cutting, remeasuring, drilling and tapping I got everything to fit exactly where the stock RR went:

- the "square" adaptor plate turns 45 degrees to fit into place and then you have to trim the pointed corners of the plate to get it to nestle right into the original RR location. I wish I had taken measurements and pictures. By memory: trim about 1/4 to 3/8" off the front and back corners and about 3/4" off the top and bottom corners. Make a cardboard template (I didn't) to avoid repeated trimming.
- drill and tap two new holes to install the FH020AA RR. These new holes have to be as far back on the adaptor plate as possible so you can get the forward facing HUGE connectors on the RR to fit into the original location. Use the RR as a guide and place the new holes almost off the back end of the plate, towards the back of the bike.
- on the bike: there's a plastic stiffener rib in the location of the original RR. While it's only plastic the edge might be hard enough to eventually rub into the T2500676 harness as it turns 180 degrees to plug to the Ducati connectors. I split a 2" piece of very thick plastic tubing and slid it over the rib to act as a soft protective edge for the harness wiring. I figure stiffener ribs have a purpose and didn't want to weaken the area.
- one end of the the Triumph T2500676 harness plugs into the two connectors on the RR. The other ends plug straight into the stator and battery connectos on the Ducati. The only issue is the stator connector from the Triumph harness doesn't have the latch to hold the two connectors together - use a tie wrap to securely fasten them together.
- the ECU bolts right into its original location without any spacers.

One big positive: With the stock RR I always had to add some throttle to start the bike, especially when cold. With the FH020AA RR starting is now perfect - just touch the starter button and the bike fires up perfectly and settles immediately into its normal idle. If I add any throttle the bike seems to flood.

One big negative: After 1000+ miles of perfect, high speed riding, I still have an error light indicating a DTC error and, if I toggle through the screens, there is a DTC Error message. I was told this was due to the ECU being disconnected and the error would eventually go away but nothing so far. QUESTION: Does anyone know if it only takes time (x number of starts or miles), is this reset by a dealer or did the overcharging by the stock RR screw something up?

Since the bike runs perfectly now I'm skeptical something is screwed up but then again, it is a Ducati :laugh:
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