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New parts!
From the beginning of my Hyper ownership I was not a fan of the SP chicken feet marchesini wheels. My bike isn't an SP but I intended on swapping out wheels to forged wheels when I came across a deal. Well, that deal popped up on the design I really wanted. The deal included Ducabike left and right nuts. The coolest part about these wheels is that they are 4.6lbs lighter than my old cast wheels. They also match one of my dry clutch covers. Noone makes a chicken foot shape dry clutch cover, probably because the bike never came with a dry clutch. I had to weigh them a different way with 3 different scales to be sure my measurements were correct. The OEM cast wheel was too heavy to register on small scale. Used the small scale I usually weight small stuff on,used a hanging digital fish scale and used the bathroom scale minus my weight. The measurements were almost exactly the same each time. These measurements were taken with the valve stems in. What is very interesting to me is that OZ Piega forged wheels advertise their rear 5.5in wheel @ 8.35lbs. Searching weight of other aftermarket wheels in the same dimensions(small axle, 17x5.5), this wheel is on par with the weight of most aftermarket forged options. Did the 1100s/evo SP come from the factory with such a light wheel or did this come off of something else(oem or aftermarket). A couple things that to note that I wasn't expecting, the Marchesini doesn't seem to be painted or powder coated. It feels more like a hard anodizing and grease n grime wipes off very easily from it's coating. Between tire bead landing, the area where the bead of the tire rests while mounting/dismounting a tire has a smaller radius. It might not seem like anything worth noting but if you do tire changes at home using normal tire changing hand tools this makes it FAR easier to mount/dismount a tire.
OEM cast wheel - 12.2lb
Marchesini forged wheel - 7.56lb

Something to note that I'm sure won't make much difference due to where the weight is, the Ducabike wheel nuts are half the weight of the OEM.
OEM right - 136g/.298lb
Ducabike right - 70g/.154lb

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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