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1100S CAN Bus errors

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I haven't used my Hyper in a long time. For nearly a year it's been sitting there without anything happening to it. Forgot to hook it up to a battery tender so when I came back the battery was dead. I tried charging it initially but flipped the poles when connecting the charger (dumb). It sparked for a brief moment, but the ignition was off so I don't think I shorted the ECU.

Tried it with the battery charger connected to the bike and it gives me CAN error 5.2 Battery and CAN error 38. I don't hear the fuel pump running, the fuses are all still intact and swapping the ECU out for my 2 other stock ECUs (there's a DP ECU in there right now) does the same.

Is it just a battery issue that I need to fix or is there more going on because I swapped the poles? I do remember that shorting the battery and turning on the ignition can mess something up in the ECU rendering it kind of useless, but all my ECU's give the same error codes.

Also, when turning on the ignition the start-up message is just a bunch of stars instead of the normal text (forgot what it was, something with "race" I think).
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@Drinky out and about. How the hell do you leave a 1100 Hypermotard sit for this long??

Battery seems to be the culprit. I never got the CAN BUS error but I had a bit of a false start to where the bike would turn but then would die and the CEL and Fuel lights would blink for a few. Sort of how a car will do it but there was no i'll affect.

I would say to check all grounds as suggested above since fuses seem to be intact then get yourself one of those fancy light weight batteries.

Welcome back!
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