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Just wondering what can be done to an 1100 EVO, keeping it on pump gas. And before the boo birds come rolling in...

1-Yes, I know there's a search function
B- Yes, I know it's impractical, and I should just find a testrastretta model Duc or Beemer s1000, triumph street triple, etc
3F-I know it's not going to financially be worth it.

My case in point is a monster 1100 Evo that I have kind of made my track day/ short canyon blaster ride. I love the bike so much as to how it looks, fits me, and sounds. But being the curious little squirrel that I am, sitting at the beach drinking my 3rd mangorita/grey goose, I just thought I'd pose the question.

I already have the suspension setup I plan to do soon, so what the hell, why not really go all out and add a little oomph to it? As previously stated, I'd like to keep it pump gas, but would be fine with shortening service intervals. Would the bottom end have to be changed at all to reliably make more hp, or just cams, heads, pistons? Where does a fella, gal, or fella that identifies as a gal, but deep down inside feels like a labrador look for these aftermarket parts, machining? Anybody done it? Cost?

Again, this is just a mild heat stroke/ alcahol induced rambling of a bottom of the normal hieght chart manchild with a bit of sand chaffing his giblets. Consider it an early midwinter addition to the what oil to use thread.

Nanu nanu.....

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Well, if you want to drop some money into a desmodue, you could have Ducshop or Boulder Motor Sports blueprint the motor. Both places are quite competent with making 2V Ducatis go fast.
Boulder Motor Sports | Ducati service, performance & care | Boulder CO | RACE & PERFORMANCE

But honestly, I think the money is better spent on the suspension. If you still have some coin, put some nicer wheels on her. I'd leave the motor alone. Not many mess with the EVO motor. Plenty of parts and history with the DS motor being hopped up with cams and pistons. 100 hp is plenty enough on track IMO.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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