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Hi, I have '11 multi sport with full termi long muffler exhaust, Just installed the TB cruise and tune map with a full termi trim that I got from TB. Cruise works great and was easy to install but I'm having a few issues with the trim file. I'm getting alot popping with very slight throttle on, and upto 3500rpm I'm also getting slight surging which is kind of annoying.

I have Diavel gearing 15f 43r and prior to installing a TB trim the fueling wasn't perfect but it wasn't bad and with the gearing that I have doing 60kph in 3rd was perfect with no surge at all but now I get the surging plus the throttle seems to drop off slightly as well. In saying this once I get it on the hwy it runs really good and I tend to forget about the low rpm issues till I get into traffic situations.

I'm wanting to put the bike on the dyno but that won't happen till next year so till then I was wondering if anyone out there would have the stock full termi trim with long muff so i could upload to get me by till my dyno session?

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