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1098R adjustable headstock

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I've done a search, and from what I can gather, the frame on the 1098R is different, and although it doesn't come with an adjustable head angle as standard, it is possible to fit the adjustable insert from a 999, could anyone clarify this?

Would love to hear from you if you have done this mod to your 1098R?

Reason being, I'm thinking of getting some 30mm triples, but with the steering angle fixed at 24.5 degrees, I can only guess that the steering will become slower with less offset and more trail? I know the benefit is supposedly less tendency to understeer, but I think the ideal solution would be the 30mm triples with a 23.5 degree angle?

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The insert on the 1098r can be rotated but you will need to drill a hole for the locating screw, you also lose your steering lock, a 996 insert fits, which you will need to use if you go for 30mm offset and dont want to move the radiator.
Ive been playing around with these things for a while and ended up for the road, standard offset, rotated 1098r insert, forks pushed all the way through and the rear jacked up and have been pretty happy with that
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